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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Let Us Introduce You To The One and Only

I'm Tuck (my pseudonym). Actually, Tuck was my cat once upon a time, but I'm not comfortable yet with putting my real name out there in cyberspace. I've been reading various blogs for the past 2-3 years and appreciate how bloggers can write down their thoughts, observations and still sound coherent, even when they don't think they are. Now I'm going to try.

The title of my blog? Simple, I suffer from depression. Usually it's under control. Until it rears its ugly head. I feel that I'm happier for longer periods of time. Then the black hole opens up. And it seems to be blacker and bigger and closer to swallowing me up everytime it happens. I'm not convinced that's normal. And that's why the title of my blog.

Well, obviously my depression is more important to me than I thought since that's the very first thing I bring up in my blog. Let's try some other identifying aspects of me and my personalty:

REAL close to 50
Sense of humor
Haven't dated in a LOOOOOONG time
No marriages, relationships with significant others OR kids
Gainfully employed AND
I like to act

I'm sure there's a lot more I can tell you about myself, but I can't put it into words yet. I'll just have to keep posting on this blog and see what I discover.

Hope you can join me on my trip....


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