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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Because I Love Myself

I'm writing a blog because I love myself. I want to say "yeah, right" but I want my life to be better, so I have to give this a try. Now I have to find something to write about.

I went to a cast party last night. I drank a lot of beer, but I don't think I made too much of a fool of myself. In fact, I don't think I made a fool of myself at all. And it must not have been too much beer because I didn't wake up with a headache or anything. Oh well, I had a good time, even though everyone else there was under 30 and I didn't feel too old. Well, not too much.

So I finished running the sound board for the play and actually helped strike the set. It was a good play and I think most of the audiences liked it. The actors did a good job and my friend Dave did a SUPER job with the lights, video and sound. Now I need to audition and get cast to perform in plays again. I definitely like being in front of the audience more than being behind the scenes.

In the deeper, more me department - I really don't know what profound things to write about. I did open up to a couple of people from the Laramie cast about my latest bout of depression when I met them Friday for dinner and a show (Pippin). I really didn't get a sense of how they received it. But who knows, maybe I'll be hearing from them later. I hope they heard.

And while I've been connecting with acting friends, I haven't heard from but one sister in the last 2-3 weeks. It's amazing, if I don't reach out to them, it's like I'm not alive to them. And if I call them it's a "what do you want", "what's wrong", etc. Nothing like "Hi, thanks for calling me, how's your life going. Here's what I'm doing." Okay, that's a rant and I realize that nothing will change, but this is MY blog and I can write what I want to, because I love myself!

P.S. How am I going to get others in the blogosphere to read my blog?


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