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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Here's a Funny Post

I'm tired of writing downer posts, so here's a funny story:

Once upon a time there was a cat. His name was Tuck. Tuck was a very lazy cat. Tuck had a toy mouse to play with. Tuck would lay on his side and bat at the toy mouse until it was out of reach, then Tuck would roll over and watch TV.

Tuck's human got him one of those ferret-on-a-ball toys for him to play with. Tuck watched the ferret roll around, looked up at his human with pure derision and jumped up on the sofa to take a nap.

One day Tuck's human came home from work and stood at his empty food dish while talking on the phone.

Tuck sat down at his empty food dish and meowed loudly to tell his human that his food dish was empty, but his human kept talking on the phone.

Tuck tried walking between his empty food dish and the cabinet his food was stored in to show his human where to go to get food to put into his empty food dish, but his human kept talking on the phone.

Then Tuck gave his human a dirty look and ran into the living room. Tuck's human knew he wasn't giving up and looked around the corner to see what he was doing. Just then Tuck came back to the kitchen with his toy mouse in his mouth which he dropped into his empty food dish.

Tuck got a lotta food put into his dish right then and there.

The morale of the story, cats will always win in a battle of wills.


Blogger Sphincter said...

There's a quote my husband likes to use (can't remember who said it)

"You can't out-stubborn a cat."

10:31 PM  

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